Jay Eitner – In Attendance at the AASA 2017 National Conference on Education

Within the current public schools system, district administrators play a key role in ensuring the highest degree of learning for their students. They serve as designated chief executives tasked with leading on several different levels. Superintendent Jay Eitner understands the weight of this responsibility and recognizes the need for innovation, progress, and meaningful dialogue among fellow peers. The ongoing commitment to academic excellence is what led Eitner and other superintendents to attend the 2017 National Conference on Education in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend of March 2-4. The event featured noteworthy speakers on a wide range of topics, and also included focus groups, learning sessions, and workshops aimed at addressing the many issues facing administrators in a modern education landscape.

Each year, the School Superintendents Association (AASA) puts on the conference, that sees roughly 3,000 participants annually from across the country who seek to improve their own job performance and understanding of complexities facing the public education system. Some of the many themes covered during the 2017 edition included Common Core, Standards and Assessments, Personalizing Education, and Instructional Leadership. Critical conversations and explorations provided Eitner and his fellow educators several learning opportunities regarding major issues faced by today’s schools and communities. Keynote speakers such as James Carville, Mary Matalin, and Ravi Hutheesing offered the administrative professionals keen insight into the many facets of leadership and wisdom necessary to take on the daily challenges that come with their positions.