Superintendent Jay Eitner is a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of education

A proud product of New Jersey public schools, Jay Eitner graduated from Union High School in 1997 and went on to study at the The American Institute in Washington, D.C., where he received his Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. In 2002, he began as an eighth grade history teacher at the widely renowned East Brunswick Public School. During his nine years as an educator there, Eitner wrote and received over $140,000 in grants, allowing students to engage with new technology and partake in fully interactive demonstrations that would have been otherwise inaccessible. When he earned his Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Kean University in 2004, Jay had already established a reputation as an ‘outside the box’ thinker who strived to make a learning environment that was both student centered and data driven.

Shortly after obtaining his supervisor, principal, and school administrator certifications through the FEA NJ-EXCEL program, Eitner began his administrative career as the Assistant Principal of Washington Township Schools in 2010. He has also served as the K-12 Social Studies Supervisor at Hopewell Valley Regional School District and the Superintendent of both The Lower Alloways Creek School District and Waterford Township School District in southern New Jersey. Jay’s efforts at Lower Alloway, where he established 1:1 programs for iPads and Chromebooks for scholars, completely overhauled student support services, and received over $4,000,000 in grants, earning him the 2015 National BAMMY Superintendent of the Year award and an invitation to the White House to partake in the national FutureReady initiative. Eitner continued his impressive string of achievements at Waterford Township, where he was able to raise district scores by 15% in both reading and math, and successfully mitigate budget increases to their lowest raise in 27 years. In 2016 he received his second invitation to the White House and was also named as the 2016 National Educator to Watch by the American Association of School Administrators.

Currently, Jay Eitner guest-stars daily on podcasts, twitter chats, webinars and other online platforms, where he speaks on current education topics and offers professional development guidance. He has given presentations in over 45 New Jersey schools on technology infusion and learner-active classrooms, which have been further utilized at state, national, and international conferences. Most of Jay Eitner’s demonstration materials can be found on his official website, Eitner Education.